In 1993, Bryan Bailey and Michael Fitzgerald founded Canine Companions. Bailey’s experience as a Master Trainer provided the vision and skills to take dog training and pet care services to a new level of professionalism for the Bloomington area. Local business owner Michael Fitzgerald, one of Bailey’s dog training clients, provided the investment capital.Over the following decade Canine Companions became a full-service facility offering an array of services that, when added together, provide pets with total wellness. Advances include climate controlled boarding facilities, professional grooming, supervised, televised Doggie Daycare and comprehensive training programs.In 2002, an on-site veterinary hospital was added that completed Bailey’s vision of offering “everything under one roof” making Canine Companions a convenient one-stop for your pet’s physical and emotional needs.

In 2010, Bailey moved to Memphis, TN and turned his attention to ProTrain Memphis, a dog boarding and training business he started upon arrival in Memphis. Canine Companions persevered for the next three years without Bailey’s supervision because of the dedication of its staff. In October 2013, Michael Fitzgerald became the sole owner of Canine Companions. Fitzgerald is now actively involved in the business with the same pride of ownership that he demonstrated with his other businesses.

During 2014, Fitzgerald will implement his own vision to create the premiere pet care business in the entire Midwest.

dog high five

$300,000 of Improvements Are Coming!!!

  • New Policies & Services
  • Board of Directors
  • Certified Master Trainer
  • 2 Indoor Group Play Areas
  • Water Therapy
  • Wellness Programs
  • Doggie Splash Pool
  • EasyTurf in Outdoor Group Play Areas
  • Indoor / Outdoor Group Play Area
  • Luxury Cat Towers
  • Feline Fitness Center
  • Cleanliness Program

The name change to BLOOMINGPAWS  reflects this new beginning.


Hold on to your hats & watch for the changes!