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Judy Scott and Riley

“Canine Companions teaches you how to train your dog and that is really the key to success. Riley pays attention now and actually obeys my commands the first time. He loved the classes and we both had a great time.”
— Judy Scott, companion to Riley. Riley graduated from Basic Training, Intermediate Training, and Agility classes.


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Well-trained dogs are safer, happier and more fun
John Senac training special needs dogFrom highly specialized training to basic obedience, Canine Companions can help you train your pet.

Puppy Preschool Class (for puppies up to 16 weeks of age) Puppy preschool is designed to provide puppy owners with the information and skills to help their puppy establish proper behavior. Through positive reinforcement and praise, the program is designed to build your puppy’s confidence and a strong foundation for future training. The course covers:

  • Basic obedience commands and other fun activities
  • Puppy health and wellness
  • Grooming your puppy

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Basic Obedience Class (for dogs over 16 weeks of age)
Classes are taught in a spacious, climate-controlled training room, or, if seasonally appropriate, in scenic Bryan Park. Dogs and owners work with a our Certified Master Trainer to develop skills of control and communication. Through tried-and-true techniques, pets are instructed to walk on a leash (heel), sit, lie down, stay, and introduction to recall work (come). Insights into dog behavior and psychology are covered in the course. 
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Basic Plus Obedience Class (for dogs over 16 weeks of age)
This class provides all the benefits of the basic obedience class plus a whole lot more. The program consists of six skill levels starting with basic obedience and ending with off-leash reliability! The owner and the dog advance through levels at their own pace. You have 6 months to complete all the levels.

For your convenience, new classes begin each week. Can't make it every week? No problem! Classes are designed to allow you to miss when needed and not fall behind. Additional features:

  • Able to monitor progress and see improvements
  • Customized to each skill level
  • Graduates will be able to pass CGC and AKC Novice routines
  • Supervised use of facility on Wednesday nights

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Specialized dog training and private training lessons are also available by special arrangement.

Call 812-331-0665 to schedule a free evaluation and to meet our Certified Master Trainer.

john senac agility training at canine companions

Obedience Boarding Schools

Boarding School:
While your pet boards at our first class facilities at night, we will train your dog during the day. Your dog will receive personalized training to meet the needs of you and your pet. Our program features:

  • Solid foundation in basic obedience training
  • By request, address other behavioral issues
  • Weekly updates
  • Free “go home” private lesson
  • One private follow-up lesson

Day School:
Our Day School program is a comprehensive and convenient approach to training and exercising your dog. The pet is dropped off each morning, our trainer works with the pet during the day and then the owner picks up their pet in the evening. Throughout the Day School process you can meet with the trainer to:

  • Review progress and accomplishments
  • Discuss “homework” assignments
  • Learn the skills to reinforce training
  • Plan future training activities

Call 812-331-0665 to schedule a free evaluation and to meet our Certified Master Trainer.

Supplies for your convenience

Our training services are complemented by the best training aids and supplies. At Canine Companions, we sell quality pet supplies at lower than pet store prices!

  • Training collars, leather and nylon leashes
  • Training equipment, such as bait bags, long leashes, and BilJac training treats are also offered




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